SP2 - The effects of biomechanical factors on structure and composition of the aneurysm wall

Vascular Research Group, Prof. Brenda Kwak (Univ. Geneva) / CABMM, Dr. Serge Marbacher, Dr. Katja Nuss, Prof. Brigitte von Rechenberg 

This subproject will concentrate on biological analyses related to structure and composition of the aneurysm wall and responses of its cellular components to biomechanical stress. 


  1. (Immuno-)histochemical characterization and 3D reconstruction of human aneurysm domes.

  2. Growth characterization of in vivo experimentally-induced aneurysms.

  3. Investigation of molecular responses of vascular wall cells in vitro to aneurysmal biomechanical factors. 

Expected added value to systems medicine: 

Better understanding of the cellular aspects of the mechano-biology of vessel wall remodelling and degeneration in time and space. 

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